We Support Rescue Dogs!

We provide rescue dogs with a complete circle of care for their entire life, while a portion of all transactions are donated back to our rescue partners.

Donate for care.

Buddy’s rescue software is donated to our partner rescues to help them manage the care of their dogs from rescue to forever home.

Educate on care.

All information is available electronically to new rescue parents. Premium Care Guides and a Custom Mobile Application are available upon adoption.

Facilitate the care.

We connect new rescue parents with service providers in their area for the best in care for their new buddy.

Meet Some of Our Clients...


9 Yr Old Chihuahua

Adopted: 03/27/2017


3 Yr Old Scottish Terrier

Adopted: 03/18/2017


3 Yr Old Poodle, Toy/Mini

Adopted: 04/09/2017


3 Yr Old Boxer

Adopted: 04/08/2017

Beyonce' (aka Moppet)

5 Yr Old Poodle, Toy/Mini

Adopted: 06/24/2016


6 Yr Old Boxer

Adopted: 08/13/2016


3 Yr Old Tibetan Spaniel

Adopted: 02/01/2016

"MyBuddy’s is a perfect platform for my rescue with one-stop for all our records. No more lengthy spreadsheets and keeping dog records, photos, customers, & volunteers in different locations. Everything is in one place at our fingertips from any location. My favorite feature is paperless adoptions."
"My Buddy’s Place is the perfect fit for our rescue with considerable dog management needs. Multiple volunteers can now access a dogs records anytime from anywhere. Our adoption process has been streamlined allowing us to focus on successful integration tips. Adopters are loving the convenience and features on their new dog’s MBP Passport. We love this technology!"

For Rescues

Free Rescue Management Software that connects rescue dogs to the people that care for them throughout their lives.
Getting started is easy!

Paperless Management

Health Records

Microchip & Safety Info
Behavior & Incident Tracking
Appointment & Medication Reminders
Assign and monitor Staff, Volunteers
Management Reports

Paperless Management and Adoptions - Transfer information electronically to new dog parents upon adoption

Getting Started is Easy!

1. Add Basic Information
  • Bulk upload from Petfinder/Excel File or manual upload of each dog

2. Upload important docs
  • Health Records
  • Care Needs
  • Behaviors
  • Photos
3. Assign Dogs Care to
  • Employees
  • Volunteers
  • Fosters
Get Dogs Adopted!

Try the Hydrant app for Rescues!

View, update and send photos and information in a snap

For Dog Parents

Upgrade to a Premium Membership and Be the Best Pet Parent You Can Be!

Basic Membership FREE
Health Records
Microchip & Safety Info
Basic Information transferred upon adoption by your rescue organization
Premium Membership $12.95
Best in Care Guides (Food, Insurance)
Breed Specific Care Tips
Care Reminders
Activity Tracking
Manage Health Events
Manage Service Providers
$3.00 of every purchase goes back to participating rescues

Try the Hydrant app for Rescues!

View, update and send photos and information in a snap

For Service Providers

If you are a Service Provider that LOVES Rescue Dogs, then My Buddy's Place is for you!

Free introductory offer as we grow our business!

Monthly fixed fee based on service type (future)

No lifetime revenue share = more economical conversions

Access to population of NEW Dog Parents!

Share important information

Send appointment reminders

Differentiate your products and services!

Highlight certifications and specialties

Be one of "Buddy's Best Providers"

Help Rescue Dogs and Rescue Organizations!

Portion of My Buddy's Place Revenue Goes Back to

Participating Rescues

11 Yr Old Australian Shepherd

Pasadena SPCA

Adopted : 7/26/2005

Sometimes you can find true love in a bar. That’s what happened to Sean during one lazy summer afternoon in 2006 at Lucky Baldwin’s in Pasadena. Sean wouldn’t know it yet, but meeting Rook, a six month old black and white Australian Shepherd that day would change his life. Rook was with his trainer becoming more comfortable in social settings. Sean remembers that Rook sat at the bar…just like a person. He was off-leash, well mannered, and calmly enjoying the attention of everyone that passed by. Well maybe he wasn’t just like anyone at the bar after all!

Just a little over a month later, Sean received a call from Rook’s trainer. He had run out an open gate and had been sheltered at the Pasadena Animal Shelter for a few days. His family was expecting a baby and decided they didn’t want the responsibility of an active, energetic Australian Shepherd. She remembered the connection that Rook and Sean had and called to see if he was interested. Sean had two Chocolate Labradors at home, but there was no doubt that Rook was a "one-in-a million" dog that he would love to bring into his family!

Sean soon realized that a dog as special as Rook should be shared with others – he was a natural therapy dog. For the past ten years he has been making weekly visits to nursing homes and foster children’s homes in Pasadena.

My Buddy’s Place supports rescues, pet parents, and service providers through a unique business model that helps to improve the lives of amazing rescue dogs just like Rook and all of the people that care for them!