Empowering Your Lifelong Bond

Customized solutions to create thriving best buddy pairings

We believe it’s pretty simple, companionship makes us better people.

It helps us lead healthier and happier lives.

And the unconditional love, loyalty, and support between a rescued dog
and their new parent is one of the best bonds around.

But being a new pet parent often comes with a lot of questions and not many easily available answers. That’s why we focused on ways to make building that bond fun and effective.

Everything is paperless!

Never worry about searching for your bud’s adoption records, shot info, or that slip of paper you wrote the next grooming appointment on.

Resources at your fingertips!

From the best local service providers to new products, great dog parks, and a marketplace of over 9,000 quality items for your bud, we’ve taken the guesswork out of what to do.

Community of pet lovers!

Engage with your fellow pet parents and experience a supportive community there to share achievements and encourage growth

The Life Buddy Program

We’re revolutionizing the concept of complete care for you and your pet, starting with the team leader: you

In between the good morning licks and the last trip outside before settling in for the night, a successful pairing is in everyday details and the right building blocks.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the perfect match between a U.S. Veteran and their service dog companion.

Through our partnership with Sierra Delta, a company dedicated to enabling veterans and dogs to find their way home together, we’ve built the foundation to help them succeed as a team.

With our combined knowledge and research, we knew a successful pairing had to put the veteran first, equipping them as the team leader with knowledge, empowerment, and effective actions.

The results show that this methodology helps all of us be the best pet parent we can be! That’s the Life Buddy Program - a complete care support system to help you succeed at every step!

Introducing The Life Buddy Program A complete care support system to help you at every step!


Support for applicants as they’re assessed into the program and set up with the right match in their rescue dog.


Access to training programs and learning support for both the pet parent and the dog.


Inclusion in the app where you’ll meet a community of pet lovers and resources for encouragement at every stage.


Ongoing community and specialized care and support for a successful lifelong relationship.

“I’m grateful for the companionship Zoe provides as we navigate life together as a team. Whatever goals and challenges lay before me, my buddy Zoe will be there at my side. Sometimes all you need is a "Life Buddy"!

Staff Sergeant Jack Schumacher and service dog Zoe

Our Happy Buddies

“One-In-a-Million” Dog

Sometimes you can find true love in a bar. That’s what happened to Sean during one lazy summer afternoon in 2006 at Lucky Baldwin’s in Pasadena. Sean wouldn’t know it yet, but meeting Rook, a six month old black and white Australian Shepherd that day would change his life. Rook was with his trainer becoming more comfortable in social settings. Sean remembers that Rook sat at the bar…just like a person. He was off-leash, well mannered, and calmly enjoying the attention of everyone that passed by. Well maybe he wasn’t just like anyone at the bar after all!

Just a little over a month later, Sean received a call from Rook’s trainer. He had run out an open gate and had been sheltered at the Pasadena Animal Shelter for a few days. His family was expecting a baby and decided they didn’t want the responsibility of an active, energetic Australian Shepherd. She remembered the connection that Rook and Sean had and called to see if he was interested. Sean had two Chocolate Labradors at home, but there was no doubt that Rook was a "one-in-a million" dog that he would love to bring into his family!

Sean soon realized that a dog as special as Rook should be shared with others – he was a natural therapy dog. For the past ten years he has been making weekly visits to nursing homes and foster children’s homes in Pasadena.

My Buddy’s Place supports rescues, pet parents, and service providers through a unique business model that helps to improve the lives of amazing rescue dogs just like Rook and all of the people that care for them!

Veterans and dogs, finding their way home together.

Together with Sierra Delta, we’ve re-envisioned the way to support the veteran and
their dog so the well-being of both only increases over their lifelong bond.