Our Whys

We all deserve some unconditional love.

That’s not just our philosophy, it’s how we live our lives.

We know that when pet parents feel supported and know where to turn for answers, their relationship with their best buddy will thrive! So by educating on the best care methods and facilitating that care with excellent resources, you and your bud can enjoy every moment of living your lifelong bond.

And when we created My Buddy’s Place and My Buddy’s Marketplace, we knew we’d be saving lives, because some things are undeniable:

They did nothing wrong.

Need a quick training demonstration or information about pet insurance? We have the knowledge and guidance for pet challenges, big and small.

Too many aren’t saved.

Never lose track of shot records, spay or neuter info, or when your next grooming is. Find providers, track activities, and take the guesswork out of caring for your bud.

Saving one saves many.

With service providers, activity ideas, and new products, we've compiled the best for you and your pet all in one place. And proceeds from sales go directly to Sierra Delta or other animal welfare organizations.

And it’s an incredible gift to experience the unconditional love of a rescue, starting with the look on their face when they realize they’re going home with you!

Helping to create more of these pairings and providing them the tools for success is why we partnered with Sierra Delta, a company dedicated to bringing service dogs and veterans together, to create the Life Buddy Program.

Designed with meeting the needs of every veteran in mind, the tenets of the program have significant benefits for every new pet parent. But for our pilot program launch, two things drive our focus:


An estimated 670,000 dogs are euthanized each year, with large breeds being the most euthanized category.


About 1 out of every 150 veterans who benefit from service dogs receive them and can wait years to be paired with one.

Because we’ve put the veteran first, they’re equipped to lead their team. By assessing the individual needs of each veteran, we can design a curriculum and pairing with the highest chance of success, so more veterans and dogs can find their way home together.

“Gus has given me everything. He has given me my independence back. He lends me his strength, both physically and emotionally. He reminds me that life is really about the little things and taking the time to enjoy them is important. He pushes me to be better: I want to be better for him. He is my companion in all things and has done more for me than I ever thought possible.”

Freedom Green and service dog Gus

And when we created My Buddy’s Place and My Buddy’s Marketplace, we knew we’d be saving lives, because some things are undeniable: