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Our Mission

The mission of GOLD LEASH K9 is to improve the lives of dog’s by helping people to become better pet parents. Let’s face it, we LOVE our dogs! I have three myself (Bella, Mr. Bo Bo, and Rook) and it takes time, effort, and energy to ensure that they get the very best care that they deserve. I needed some way to get organized…manage appointments, keep track of medications and health records, find service providers and share information. We created GOLD LEASH K9 as a management and educational tool to help new pet parents take the best care of their dogs. Ditch the paper file folder and have all of the information you need, whenever and wherever you need it!

Meet Robbie. He was rescued from an animal testing laboratory in South Korea by Beagle Freedom Project. On my journey to build GOLD LEASH K9, I became acquainted with several great rescue organizations like Beagle Freedom Project. From there I learned that dogs like Robbie may be transferred from multiple shelters, foster agencies, and pet parents before finding their forever homes. They also needed a way to manage information about Robbie and make sure that his new pet parents had everything they needed to give him the happiest, healthiest life possible.

When you subscribe to our Premium Care Services or Fetch It services your buddy is helping a buddy! We will donate a portion of each sale to rescue organizations. Also we provide software and software support to rescues that use our application, absolutely free.

Why GOLD LEASH K9? Because you love your dog!…AND because your dog loves you!


FAQ Ask Rook!

Rook is a 10-year-old Australian Shepherd and the soul of GOLD LEASH K9! Unzip his fur and you'll find a 10-year-old boy who loves to cuddle, play ball, and eat cookies. Rook is a certified therapy dog who has volunteered almost every week for the past six years with the elderly and special needs children in the Pasadena area.

Why do I need GOLD LEASH K9?

Let’s face it, all of our lives are becoming more and more complex. (I even have a different ball for the park and the beach!) The one thing that doesn’t have to be complex, is loving and taking the best care of your Buddy. But even that gets more difficult when you consider the number of things you do with us, and the number of people and providers that you share us with – vets, sitters, walkers, groomers, etc. GOLD LEASH K9 helps you to ditch the paper file folder and maintain all of our information using a simple mobile website that goes everywhere you and your buddy go. Don’t remember when their shots are due? Got it! Don’t have that rabies certificate for the new groomer? Got it! Don’t remember if they had problems with that antibiotic last time? Got it! Want to show everyone that you have the cutest Buddy in the world (not including me, of course)? GOLD LEASH K9 has you covered! And did I mention that it was FREE?

Why should I use this instead of a paper file folder?

Seriously? Because dogs can’t talk, we can’t file (we don’t even have thumbs), we are counting on you to keep track of EVERYTHING for us! Where is that file folder? Are you really keeping it organized? Do you share it with your groomer, your vet, your sitter? What do you do if something happens to your buddy when that file folder isn’t around? Do you carry it with you wherever you and your Buddy go? I didn’t think so…

Is it PC and Mac compatible? Can I access GOLD LEASH K9 on my mobile (apple or android)?

Yes and yes! Although I only have an iPhone.

How can your site help me to take the best care of my dog?

First we’ll help you keep and stay organized. Then if you sign up for “Dogsense” we’ll send you reminders and care tips based on AHA guidelines specifically for your buddy’s breed, life stage and personality characteristics. You’ll also get “gentle nudges” to remind you about vaccinations, grooming, examinations, and other life events. Did you know that Australian Shepherds are highly sensitive to sound, and may develop noise phobias? I did!

What do I need to get started?

Hmm..a dog! Seriously just sign up, then add your Buddy…start with the easy stuff. Basic information, personality, fun photos…then open up that paper file folder (sure you know where it is!) enter the important shots, licenses, spay and neuter information (come on, even I remember that!) Get started…just take a picture of any document (rabies certificate, vet record) and upload it. Then just keep it going!

What is the Buddy Passport™?

The Buddy Passport™ is a comprehensive digital record of all of your Buddy’s important information. It contains EVERYTHING you need to give your Buddy a leg up in the world…anywhere, anytime, at your fingertips! It’s printable too! Share it with your vet, your pet sitter, your groomer, your friends! I like to think of it as everything I need to access a whole world of exciting new adventures! Except the groomer, I really hate it when they brush my teeth!

What is the “Fetch It” service?

We know you’re busy and you may not have kept all of your Buddy’s important information in one place. I promise, I won’t tell them! For a small fee, my team and I will contact your primary vet, get all of your records, and organize and upload them for you. Then you are all set, with nothing to worry about! We did this for a friend of mine and found out that his name was Rusty not Wicket! Pretty funny!

How can I use GOLD LEASH K9 to find the best in local care?

Right now we have only populated our database for the Greater Los Angeles area and Miami, FL (more areas coming soon!). Our database contains only dog related service providers (personally I hate going to a groomer and sitting next to a howling cat!)

We deliver search results based on industry certifications, reviews from the community and proximity to your home. You can also find more detailed information on service providers in your area including industry certifications and specializations that they may offer.

With this information, you can find the provider that best fits the needs of your buddy. As you search, you can save providers that you are interested into a “Providers I’m Researching” section so you can go back and review at your convenience to make an educated decision about the care of your dog.

Can I request services through your site?

You can request a service from providers you find in our database (only available in the Greater Los Angeles Area and Miami, FL right now. Once a request has been made, the provider is added to your personalized list of active providers. This list helps you stay organized with all the provider information you need and lets you make changes as you go.

Once entered, upcoming appointments for your buddy will be visible and changeable in one place. From dog shots, to a Wednesday afternoon grooming, all your buddy’s appointments are stored in one easy, checkable location. You can also share your thoughts on services your buddy has received through our simple and quick review feature. Please write to me personally if you find a provider that is a good Frisbee coach!

I am affiliated with a rescue organization, how can I use GOLD LEASH K9?

Bless You! I was a rescue myself so I know how great it is when we find our forever homes! GOLD LEASH K9 is a great way to organize your rescue information, and transfer it with the dog to other agencies and even to their new forever pet parent! It will give you peace of mind in knowing that all of the dogs information, including picture, health records, and personality information will be maintained and transferred AND it will give pet parents peace of mind in knowing everything about their Buddy as they start their new life together. Ok, Ok, I’m tearing up…

I am a service provider, how can I use my GOLD LEASH K9?

Two ways. First, become a registered Pet Provider on GOLD LEASH K9 (see Pet Provider Page) for more information and instructions. Second, tell your clients about us! Get them to register their Buddy and then they can transfer the Buddy Passport to you. You’ll be able to maintain all of your client’s information easily and securely. No more paper!

What updates can I expect from GOLD LEASH K9 in the future?

We’re a start up with a lot of great ideas. We’ll be adding more providers in your area (right know we are centered in the greater Los Angeles area) but will add more of the best providers soon! We are also working on adding functionality to help you become the best pet parent you can be to make sure your Buddy is having the time of their life! I know I am!


  • “Both Linus and I thank you for creating GOLD LEASH K9. He had some serious health problems last year, and now I have all of his health records and medications stored…just in case it ever happens again.”

    Paul and Linus (Labrador Retriever)

  • “GOLD LEASH K9 is great! I feel so much better having all of Cody’s information in one place. The convenience of not having to explain all of his needs to a service provider is invaluable.”

    Sue and Cody (Chihuahua mix)

  • “We love MBP! I just give Callie’s passport to pet sitters and they know everything they need to know – favorite foods (salmon!), feeding times, personality, and emergency contact information. And now I just store all of our favorite providers. It’s so easy to contact them whenever I need to.”

    Kris and Callie (Labrador Retriever)

  • “I used the “Fetch It” service and couldn’t be happier. Everything was organized and uploaded for me and now I have everything I need right on my phone. They even found Wicket’s original adoption record!”

    Julie and Wicket (Cavapoo)