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Are you a Pet Provider?

In our Pet Provider community,

our goal is to keep our dogs’ as happy and healthy as they can be. To that end, we strive to introduce only the best local care providers to our buddies’ community.

GOLD Leash K9

is an online destination for helping Pet Parents, created out of my own need for help in managing the lives of my three dogs, Rook, Mr. Bo-Bo and Bella. From booking and tracking appointments to researching the right providers, I needed help.

At GOLD LEASH K9, we realize that it can be challenging for good service providers to break through the clutter and bring in new customers. We’ve created a unique application that will help you educate our community about the services you provide.

Features and Benefits

Dog Only Services

GOLD LEASH K9 is an application for dog only services. This removes the clutter that can be found on other sites that service other pets.

Offer multiple services

The interface gives you the ability to offer multiple services to Pet Parents such as grooming and boarding.

Service Provider Profile

If a picture is worth 1000 words, a profile is worth even more. This tool allows you to not only provide relevant information about your services but also to distinguish yourself from others providers in the community by highlighting your unique story. Whether that is your years of experience, your industry certification or your use of the technology as part of your service, GOLD LEASH K9 gives you the freedom to showcase why you consider your service to be the best in the community.


Our goal in our Pet Provider community is to help make dogs’ lives healthier and happier. We create awareness around our “best in care” in messages to Pet Parents about Pet Providers. Since our site’s focus is dogs, all the Pet Parents on our site are looking for dog-specific services. As a member of our provider community, you will gain additional exposure as new Pet Parents enter the site looking for the best in local care for their dog.

Tracking Service Requests

The application lets you track and manage service requests from a central dashboard.

Tracking Inquires

The application gives you the ability to receive information requests during your service appointments such as dog sitting.

Customer Information

Client's basic buddy's information is available through the dashboard. The dog profile may also be available through the dashboard if provided by the pet parent.


The application allows the Pet Provider to address any negative reviews through the Pet Provider dashboard where you can respond to all reviews with the help of GOLD LEASH K9 staff.


The application allows you to show any industry certifications you have achieved.

Service based Search

The application returns results based on industry certifications held, ratings of service and convenience of your location to the Pet Parent – not through paid placement.

Initial Ratings

The ratings will be a combination of publically available ratings with a weight given to the number of reviews (50+) and the average of the reviews received.