Why Adopt a Shelter or Rescue Animal?

1) You will be getting a thankful and great new buddy. They will be so happy to go home with you. Just take a look at their face once they realize they are going home with you. Most shelter pets wound up there because of a human problem like a move or a divorce, not because the animals did anything wrong. Many are already housetrained and used to living with families.

2) Saving one, saves many within the My Buddy’s Place ecosystem. From the adoption fees that help support animals in need to using our new pet parent care options you are supporting animals in need for the lifetime of your new Buddy. The money you spend flows back to the animals and goes to support their care and management.

3) Still, far too many companion animals are dying in the United States. Each year approximately 6.5 animals enter shelters each year. It’s hard to imagine that even though over 3.2 million lucky animals are adopted every year, 1.5 million more animals are euthanized – never getting a chance at finding a forever home. We have made great progress but 31% is not acceptable.

4) It is just a win-win for all. Well, it also feels awesome to get something that will love you unconditionally and make a difference at the same time.

Adopt a new buddy